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Improving the Efficiency of Air Conditioners

Change in the properties of the circulating air contents may lead to the failure of the lungs in the intake process of air. This is greatly associated by the presence of the dust in the air and the change in the temperature of the surrounding air. In order to allow effective functioning of the respiratory system, the introduction of the air conditioning services is highly recommended. The air conditioning services assist in the changing of the properties of air to make it bearable thus improving the thermal comfort and the surrounding air. Temperature and humidity of the surrounding air are the main properties that are changed by an air conditioner. The air conditioner aids in removing heat from the air inside an enclosed environ thus lowering the temperatures. The cooling effect is greatly achieved by employing a refrigeration cycle or through evaporation.

An air conditioner is a device that needs different procedures in its maintenance. The coils, filters and fins of an air conditioner are the main components that need service. The maintenance is achieved by individual cleaning and servicing of the parts that make the air conditioner to perform its functions.

The filters of the air conditioner must be thoroughly cleaned or replaced. Clogged and dirty filters tend to block the normal flow of air and hence reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner significantly. The filters are strategically located along the lengths of the return ducts for the air conditioners at the centre. Filters are mainly placed against the wall, on the ceilings, on the air conditioners or on the furnaces.. Other filters are reusable while others need to be replaced with time. In order to maintain the filters, one must wash or replace them monthly during the cold seasons.
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The coils of the air conditioner need to be attended to constantly for maintenance. The air conditioner contains two coils which are the evaporating coil and the condenser coil. These two coils absorb dirt within the period of use needing replacement or cleaning. Soiling is prevented in the evaporating coil by cleaning the filter. The presence of dirt limits the flow of air and covers the coil,preventing it from absorbing heat. It is recommended that the evaporating coil is to be checked every year for cleaning or replacement. It is easy to notice the dirt on the condenser coil with time. One should reduce the level of dirt and debris near the functioning unit to avoid it from getting into contact with the dirt and debris.
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The coil fins which are made of aluminum are generally easily bent and can effectively block the flow of air through the coil. A “fin comb” is a tool that is used to maintain the fins by combing them back to their original state. Condensating the clogged drains help to reduce the high levels of humidity.

In short, the information on the maintenance skills of air conditioner helps in cutting the costs of repairs and contributed largely to the improvement of the efficiency of the air conditioner to its function of balancing the air properties.